You Must Be a Life-Long-Learner! Here is Why

Last week at an association lunch I was asked what I thought was the most important thing to know in business. My answer was simple to come up with because I have given it so often.

Women in Library continuing to learnYou must be a life-long-learner!

I truly believe that to be moving forward in business you must be learning about business, about yourself, about the economy, and about the people of the world. Being a global business does not just mean we buy from, hire or sell to another country, it means we have relationships with our clients, peers, and suppliers in other countries, creating alliances and friendships that span cultures. You cannot do this on the knowledge we gain in school. You must be learning.

If you think the old statement “if you continue to do what you have always done you will get what you have always had” still holds true you would be wrong. The world is changing too quickly and to get what you have had you must be changing with it and that means learning.

So READ, listen, engage, attend, model, mentor, hire, and share. You will not only be a better business leader you will be more fulfilled as a human.

Inspired by this article on Forbes- Leaders Must Be Readers

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