One Ring To Rule Them All!

OK so I am a bit of a “Lord of the Rings” fan. For those of you that are not “One ring to rule them all” refers to the powerful rings of Mordor given to all the rulers of the world from an evil being. He held the one ring that would rule them all.

Ring - Gold BandSo what is the ring that rules everything we do? FEAR

Fear is the emotion that creates beliefs that stop us from acting. Fear can set our limitations, which makes it difficult for us to see the next step to create a bigger vision. Fear can master all our other reactions and beliefs if we let it. You are likely not in business for yourself if you are filled with this type of fear, but I bet there is something in you that is controlled by fear and it is affecting your bottom-line.

It is natural to be fearful. It is our brains way of protecting us against things that can harm us. The problem is that the part of the brain that acts on fear does not think, so we have to consciously spend time thinking about what we can do and what to expect have happen if we want new things to materialize in our lives.

If there is something you cannot do in your business, a plateau you cannot overcome, a certain income you cannot get past, it is likely tied to a limitation you have set for yourself because of a belief. Going against that belief will create fear in you. Let me help you stop protecting yourself from the bad beliefs in your life. Here is a simple exercise to start the change.

1. Write down the challenge you have.

For instance, let’s say you can never make enough money to hire someone to help you. Write down, “I cannot afford to hire someone.”

2. Write down the affect it has on your business

If you cannot hire someone you do not have enough time to do all the things you need to do in your business. Likely you cannot grow beyond a certain point or income.

3. Write down the feeling you have around the affect

You are looking for the deep feeling that is stopping you. With our example of hiring someone, maybe you fear having to use credit to pay that person until they can start adding value to your company. Maybe you fear that you will never make enough to pay them. Maybe you fear not having money to pay for your mortgage, groceries or kid’s summer camp. Maybe you fear they will screw up the work and lose your clients. Whatever it is, write it down.

4. Rephrase it in the positive

Now I want you to use the power of desire to rephrase your fear in a positive way.  Take your fear statement and rewrite it to start with your desired outcome, what you will do (the thing you did not want to do) and when you know this will be complete.

e.g. My company will be growing so quickly that I will continue to need to hire the best people to work with me. By hiring my first employee I will give myself the opportunity to really focus on the growth of the business. I don’t know what the entire plan is right now but I will work hard to bring in the clients I have been wanting to reach out to, to create products I have not had time to do, and to help more people than I can currently imagine. I do know that by April 2013 I will have my new employee in place producing for my company and I will have the money I need to pay her, plus more.

5. Read it every day

Don’t just write it out. If you want to overcome the belief that is generating your fear then you have to start believing something different. Read your statement every day for at least 30 days.

I followed this process in May around my speaking engagements and by June I had 5 speaking engagements. I have three more I am booking and I now get people approaching me to come speak. This is a powerful exercise that anyone can use, so try it. It can’t hurt!

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