Preparing to Exit will Prepare Your Business for Sustainable Success

What do you really want to do with your business?

Here are answers to 6 key questions used to build any small business into its full potential, so it is ready to sell. Barb helps her clients make big change doable which has resulted in as much as 800% increase in income in as little as 11 months.

Start by taking this EXIT Readiness Assessment see ready you are. If you know you are ready, you can book a Succession Assessment Call to get the help you need to create and implement your plans.

EXIT Readiness Program



Evaluate the current products, people, resources, and values, and decide on the goals to focus on.



Explain the process & design the plan with milestones, outcomes, timelines, and resources required. Assign roles and responsibilities.



Implement the plan and support the team with process, evaluation and agile flexibility.



Train the people to evaluate, measure, and monitor the success of the transition.

Six Key Questions that Owners of Small Businesses Often Ask

What do I want to do?

Path to Descisions and Change

Change & Decision Making

Making a decision can be difficult when you are not exactly sure what the process is, what it might cost you, what support you might need, nor what the end value will be for the future of your business.  You need to know what to focus on and why, because you want a future business that someone else will one day want to buy and take over.

What roles do I need to manage?



Running a small business can make a person feel slightly manic. There are so many responsibilities that fall on your lap. If you are all the roles, then how does that next owner take over? Knowing what roles can be easily assumed by your successor, and who else they will need, will ensure you have something of greater value to sell.

How do I make it all work?

Organized systems help run a business


Organized systems help you more easily run a business. If selling your business is in your future then systems and process are absolutely necessary. Automation, process, and procedures make transitioning into new roles more efficient, reducing the time to get people 'up to speed'.

What are the results?

Money and Time

Money & Time

You know you want to sell your business and you know it will take time and other resources to prepare. If you are already spending all your time running the business, how will you find the time & money needed to implement these changes, without affecting your current services? You need a process to identify the plan and all the resources needed.

Who will help me?

People are your team

Your Team

Your team is not just the people you hire, it is your advisors, your suppliers, your contractors, and your inner circle. The people you surround yourself with can help you 'make or break' the future of your business. Knowing who and what you need in the roles that support you and your business will be key.

How do I measure my Success?

Growth and Profit

Profit & Lifestyle

Making money does not mean you are making a profit. In fact, you may not even make enough to cover the cost of goods and your time. Understanding how you can evaluate your sales, pricing, and the value of your assets will ensure you can afford to stay in business and reduce the challenges to exit.

The best thing about being prepared to exit your business is, the changes you implemented to create this valuable business make it easier to run, freeing up your time to do more, or less, or nothing at all.

Get started with your no-commitment assessment and find out how close you are to being ready. This free report will evaluate 10 areas of your business and provide ideas on what you can do to be more prepared.