Train Your People To See The Future

What do you really want to do with your business?

Barb has a process that answers 6 key questions used to build any small business into its full potential. Barb helps her clients make big change doable which has resulted in as much as 800% increase in income in as little as 11 months.

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Answers to the 6 Key Questions CEO’s of SMEs Often Ask

What do I want to do?

Path to Descisions and Change

Change & Decision Making

Making a decision can be difficult when you are not exactly sure what you hope the outcome will be or how valuable it will be to your business in the future. Of course, not making a decision is also making a decision and can be disastrous for your business because it cannot support your goals if you don’t choose it.

What role do I play in the growth of my business?


Health & Identity

Running a business can make a person feel slightly manic. There are so many responsibilities that fall on your lap. How do you decide what to do first, what to buy or invest in, and where to spend your time? And then, how do you have a life outside this role as owner and CEO, or can you. After all, what time do you actually get to ‘clock-out’ from your role as a business owner?

How do I make it all work?

Organized systems help run a business


Organized systems help you more easily run a business. If growth is in your future then systems and process are absolutely necessary.

What are the results?

Money and Time

Money & Time

The biggest challenge with growth is that you already spend all your time doing what it takes just to run the business the way it is. Without more clients, you cannot afford to hire anyone. Without more help, you cannot implement anything new or take on any new clients. It is a ‘catch 22’ and there is a way to do both with exactly what you have right now.

Who will help me?

People are your team


Your team is not just the people you hire, it is your advisors, your suppliers, your contractors, and your inner circle. The people you surround yourself with can help you make or destroy the future of your business. Knowing who and what you need in the roles that support you and your business will be key.

How do I measure my Success?

Growth and Profit

Profit & Lifestyle

Making money does not mean you are making a profit. In fact, you may not be even making enough to cover the cost of goods and your time. Understanding how you can evaluate your sales, pricing, and your overall income will ensure that, as you grow, you can afford to stay in business and reduce the strain it puts on your personal life.

Barb starts with a strategy session that clearly lays out your path, sets your goals, and define what you will need to build a bigger business. Then Barb’s team help you stay on track, implement work your growing team cannot get to, and reach those goals, month-after-month and year-after-year.

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Services Available

Start the Process

Strategy with Coffee (group strategy session) – for CEOs just wanting to experience our advisory approach

Build the Process

Build your CEO muscle (Council membership, training, and strategy meetings) – for serious CEOs with big picture growth goals

Stay on Target

Longterm Advanced Council – strategy, support, and mastermind – for serious CEOs wanting to continue implementing growth goals

Personal Advisor

Strategy planning, commitment, and implementation for the CEO and/or select team members. – for serious CEOs wanting personal, customized support and time.

Additional Resources

Entrepreneur Awakening book

Entrepreneur Mindset

For business owners wanting to get into the entrepreneur mindset and really start shifting their business from start-up to profitable.

Business owners may know how to start and run their business, but when it comes to really accelerate business growth and taking it to another level of business, it can seem unachievable.

Barb’s book, Entrepreneur Awakening – Making the move from employee to business owner, explores the mind-shift that must take place before any owner can have a business big enough to hire employees of its own and still make a profit.



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