What Are Strategy Days?

I help Entrepreneurs who know their business is not at the level they envisioned and would like to create more wealth in their business and I do this using the power of groups, mentors, and one-to-one business coaching. I am so often asked 'how can working in a group help my business?"' So here is my explanation of this invaluable business tool and what you can get for your business.

I work 1-to-1 with business owners focusing on an intensive VIP day to start then working on implementation over a short period of time.I use groups to tap into the power of mastermind.

When I use groups I want to tap into the power of the collective knowledge. Group VIP days are my tool used to create strategic plans for a small number of people. The group of vetted, like-minded people with similar interests working together to solve a problem, develop an idea, or discover an answer for their businesses. It is like brainstorming with your advisory or board of directors and get you to your goals faster than expected.

In a Group VIP days with other business leaders and entrepreneurs, a person can more quickly reach new levels in business using the collective knowledge and experience of the focused members.

You are so close to having this kind of support for you in your business.

Benefits of Working with Barb

Grow your business more quickly with less second-guessing and struggle

Find new ways to make money in your business and help you implement faster

Help you make better decisions and create more viable options for growth within your business

Guide you to become the type of person that we want to read about, write about, listen to, and pay to see

Give you the confidence through peer respect that you cannot easily give yourself

Help you grow as a business leader by providing unbiased insight, ideas, and experience to your peers.

Give you support for a variety of aspects of business such as:


Business development

Core concept development


Business planning


Wealth mindset

Leadership skills

Management skills

Visualizing and innovation support

Give you insight and ideas with guidance and direction

What are the next steps to business success?

  1. Decide that you want to make a change, grow, and move forward.
  2. Set up an evaluation strategy session with Barb. (take the link to book your session now.)
  3. Let me get to know you and your goals so I can match you with the right program.
  4. Start getting answers immediately, grow your business, and reach your ultimate goals.