Rogers TV Shows

Your Business with Barb of Rogers TV

Your Business was a weekly talk show aired live on Rogers TV with business owners and business experts bringing topics on the strategies and challenges that affect business owners in the Simcoe County area. Barb Stuhlemmer is a past host of this show then called Your Business with Barb.

Below are the names and guests from the past shows. (These Rogers shows are no longer available online)

















Creating products for service related businessKaren Collacutt | Susanne Hemet

Women in Business - A shift with a home focus! - Pamela Wood | Cindy Ashton

PR & the Media - Amanda Sutton | Michele Newton

The Business of Building to Give Back - Andrew Miller | Patricia Dent

Succession Planning - Laurie Crosson | Jackie Ramler

The new language of learning in Business - Bob Weile

Connected - technology and applications - Drew Dekker | Don Cameron

Helping business to grow - Cathy Greer | Suzanne Hunter | Rudy Grewal

Trade Shows and traditional print  - Lara Veltkamp | Galagraph

The rules and the laws - Graham Knight | Giselle Bodkin

Entrepreneurism in our Society - Chad Ballyntine | Bruce Joseph

Blogging, Facebook and Twitter + for Business  - Linda Dessau | Amy Courser

The web - Chris Morales | Chris Eh Younge

Technology in business - Bob M | Chris Holmes

Growing pains Small business / City business - Lauren Pibworth | Rose Adams

Helping Start-up business to grow - Donna Douglas | Terri (GBBEC)

Employees, training & procedures - Paul Markle | Darryl Simpson

Sales and Sales teams - Rich Grof | Bruce Joseph

Business, philanthropy, and community support - Dr. Chai | Deborah Foster Stahle

New Business / Youth in Business - Cathy Greer | Sarah Ray

Exporting / Business outside Canada - Jim Reyes-Picknell | Chris Adams

Local business / Local selling - Michelle Landry| Rebecca Palmer

Local economy, Future economy - Robert Lamb | Bruce Joseph

Leading Teams and Team Building - Dr. Liz Anderson-Peacock Author