For CEOs & Owners of Companies Developing Tech

Sometimes when you want to grow your business it feels like everything is against you. The tech world is fast-paced and changing even faster. Your expertise most likely does not cover all aspects of running a business as well as the innovation and technical skills you brought to the table when you launched. Three basic questions I see CEOs often struggle with:

  • How can I be bigger if I cannot afford to be bigger?
  • How can I not afford the time required to grow if my goal is to be bigger?
  • Where do I get the answers and support I need?

Get a Strategic Advisor Relationship that is focused on Business Growth and CEO/Owner development.


Why Hire an Industry-Specific Strategic Advisor?

Barb Stuhlemmer

When you are the business owner (CEO or C-level Management) of a tech company that develops techor your products or develops tech to use in-house to deliver your products or services then you should be listening right now.

This is not coaching; you are bringing in an Advisor and Strategist to your team.

Imagine having a private advisor for your company that can help you with your decisions, evaluate operations and pricing, keep you accountable, focused and on track, as well as ensure you have the capacity to manage the challenges of being the CEO and owner of your company as it grows. This is a sounding board for all the things you cannot always bring forward to your team or to your spouse. A sounding board with decades of industry expertise to understand and guide you through the minutia of the work, the key decisions that cost or make you money, and the emotional toll of being in this position.

As a result, you become the best CEO possible, leading a successfully growing tech company.

This unique process allows your company’s team to stay focused on quality product/service delivery, customer experience, and future growth. I’m bringing collaboration for the team, tools for communication and systems, diplomacy for interactions internally and outside the company, and an outside perspective. You need an advisor that does not bring their personal agenda to manipulate your goals. My goal for you as your personal and corporate advisor is to serve your agenda with my knowledge and expertise.

Most people have to hire a part-time or full-time person to get this type of support. Once you have a program with BLITZ, you have someone available for other issues, events, programs, and projects that is already up-to-speed and faster to bring into any other meeting.

This is your on-call expert.

Imagine when you call with questions you get answers that give you peace-of-mind around your decisions and save you time and stress.

What is that worth?

6 Key Questions from CEOs an Advisor can help you answer.

  1. What do I want to do?
  2. What role do I play in the growth of my business?
  3. How do I make all the parts of my business work?
  4. What are the results?
  5. Who will help me?
  6. How do I measure my Success?
Why Hire An Advisor

In her 30+ years with incorporated small businesses, Barb Stuhlemmer has seen exactly how owners struggle to balance the requirements of a growing a business with the financial and time restrictions that growth brings. Barb has developed a unique process for owners of the businesses who are fed up with being overwhelmed by all the responsibilities and the lack of control over the time and money required to grow the business.

Unlike a coach, who is trained to ask you what you want to do and how you feel about that, Barb comes with a lifetime of strategies for small business that will create the path you didn’t know you needed and the achievable plan to get there.

Barb brings a plethora of tools to elevate the leadership level of owners so that the owner can more easily step into their new CEO role.

So if you are ready to make big changes in your small business and finally have the people working in your business you need to support the clients you wish to serve then call to make an appointment to speak with Barb.

Barb Stuhlemmer

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