Growth Foundations for Future Value

Are you thinking about the future of your business and wondering, "how can I continue to do all the work I do, everyday, forever?

What if you could make money on your business and do more, by doing less, or maybe nothing at all?

We help women business founders create viable future business with structured systems and processes that help manage all aspects of your operations.

Once you have the systems in place to manage growth, leadership, employees, operations, equipment, tech, and process you are prepared for change. Change you choose or change that happens to you. You now can ensure your business is valuable, not just to you or your bottom line, but also to those you want to attract to your team or maybe to sell to in the future.


Our mission is to help women business founders create a business that is clearly structured and has future value without the stress of doing everything yourself. Integrating personal and business standards with systems and process creates a valuable business with a foundation for growth.

  • Stop turning away customers.
  • Leverage teams of competent leaders inside your business.
  • Create products and systems that are assets to your business.
  • Prepare your business for change.
  • Do this without doing everything yourself.

You need a structure that allows you to continue to grow for years or sell when you're ready.


Why Do You Need This System?

Barb Stuhlemmer

You're running a successful business and you've been doing it well for some time now, but you know you can't continue at this pace forever. You need your people to step up, systems to manage that you would normally oversee, and a process that ensures consistency and quality, even if you were to go on vacation for a month.

Working with the E.D.I.T.(TM) System will bring a facilitated process to help you and your team evaluate your resources and vision, decide on the direction, help develop the plan and the process to move your business through its change, and ensure completion. In the process you will have created a culture that will continue to manage change, while successfully operating and growing the business.

Imagine having a advisor for your company, like having a fractional VP, that can help integrate what you want to do with what needs to get down. Someone to help you with your decision making, evaluate your operations, create measurable outcomes, and keep your process on track, as well as ensure you have the capacity to manage the challenges of being the owner of your company while looking for ways to control less.

As a result, you become the best CEO possible, leading a successfully growing company that has 'Growth Foundation' value.

This unique process allows your company’s team to stay focused on quality product/service delivery, customer experience, and future growth opportunities.

E.D.I.T Growth Foundations Process

  • Evaluate your resources and make the best decisions for moving forward.
  • Design your plan to get you to your goals, including defining resources and responsibilities.
  • Implement your plans.
  • Train your people in their processes and responsibilities using tools for communication, systems, and leadership skills.

EDIT your business to keep up with your change.

Hire Barb, and BLITZ Business Success, to be part of your evaluation, decision making, planning, implementation and accountability or just to come in for part of the work to get you started. When new issues, programs, and projects come up, you will always have an advisor to call for support.

This is your current Strategic Integrator and future on-call expert.

Imagine when you call with questions you get custom answers that give you peace-of-mind around your decisions. Answers that save you time and stress.

What is that worth?

6 Questions to Ask Yourself

  1. What's next?
  2. What roles do I play in this change?
  3. How does BLITZ make it all work?
  4. What are the expected results?
  5. Who will help me?
  6. How will we measure our success?

Have more questions? Call or email for personal support.

Why Hire An Advisor

In her 30+ years with incorporated small businesses, Barb Stuhlemmer has seen exactly how owners struggle to balance the requirements of a growing a business with the financial and time restrictions that growth brings. Barb has developed a unique process for owners of the businesses who are fed up with being overwhelmed by all the responsibilities and the lack of control over the time and money required to grow the business.

Unlike a coach, who is trained to ask you what you want to do and how you feel about that, Barb comes with a lifetime of strategies for small business that will create the path you didn’t know you needed and the achievable plan to get there.

Barb brings a plethora of tools to elevate and upgrade the leadership levels of owners and their teams so that change can be managed throughout the business and not just by one person.

If you are ready to make big changes in your small business and finally have the people in your business working on the future of the business then call to make an appointment to speak with us.

Barb Stuhlemmer

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