The Tenacity Required to Endure Business Hardships

Barb Stuhlemmer

Sentinels To Change

Sentinels To Change WatchTower

John P. Kotter, arguably one of the most prolific and well-known experts on the subject of change, uses his experience with hundreds of large corporations as research on the change process and what makes it successful, or not. He has published dozens of books on change and academic articles through Harvard School of Business, as […]

Four Important Points in Change – An Adaptive Process to Success

Four Important Points in Change – An Adaptive Process to Success Many moving parts

When describing the general stages of change, I like to categorize the steps into these four points as a overview of what to do. These points are easy to understand but complex to implement. There are always many moving parts and people involved, which requires a lot of preparation and planning and the willingness to […]

Like Turning A Ship?

Like Turning A Ship? Change is like turning a ship

Most of us have heard or used the expression, “like turning a ship” with reference to change in an organization or bureaucracy. This analogy works with respect to the time it takes to have a ship, that is heading in one direction, turn to another direction and then carry on in that direction. The challenge […]

No Change is Change

The only way to “something new” is through change. Whether it is a good change or a bad one, an expected change or a surprise, something we chose or something forced upon us, there is no way to our next experience without first going through change. A changed present is not the loss of our […]


Jack Timbrell was a special man to me. He was fun and funny, intelligent and intellectual with business smarts to spare. Jack had a first-year university education (almost unheard of in his day) and he was an entrepreneur. He was my grandfather. Jack owned the family business, a butcher shop, with his brother Tom. The […]

The Tenacity Required to Endure Business Hardships

The penguin, moose, and polar bear are icons of winter representing the tenacity required to endure the wilderness during times when food is scarce and the environment is uncomfortable. This is true of the entrepreneurship as well. Business is like winter in the sense that money can be scarce and the environment uncomfortable, especially for […]