Do What Olympians Do To Create Success!

What does it take to be successful at your business? The same things it takes to be successful at anything in life.

Image from The Guardian UK - As It Happens

Yesterday when I was watching the recap of the Canada/USA women’s soccer game, which went into overtime, I was reminded that success was not simply winning the game, it was everything that went into being able to play the game. This incredible match, described as an Epic Win, was more than one person’s ‘hat-trick’, more than the 120 minutes of play plus overtime, more than a field full of skilled players, it represents two teams of women that are, in the words of Brendon Burchard “Crushing it every day.

To create success there are a few things that you need to be doing every day to make something great happen. Here is what you can do to create a hat-trick in your business.

1. Sell Something

I was sold that the Canadian team was good enough to win the game and so were they. First they believed and then they made everyone else believe, including their opponents, that they had something of value.

Every day you must be doing something to create new sales in your business. Believe you have something of value to offer and then open your doors, make the calls, host or attend an event, present your proposal, etc. Make sure your ‘To Do’ list includes some sales.

2. Market to Someone

In sport the team’s previous standings creates their brand and being visible at tournaments, championships, and other world events ensures that people know who they are and what they have to offer.

In business your brand must be seen by your potential clients. If they do not know who you are then they cannot engage in business with you. Do something every day to share your brand with the people that need to know about you. Attend networking events or associations where your clients meet, invest in a good advertising campaign, create a following online, update your blog, reach out through email or newsletters, etc. There are lots of ways to market your business and share your brand so don’t think you can’t do something every day. Think, “I must do something every day”.

3. Manage Everything Else

If you think that good management is not important then explain why the women’s Canadian soccer team made it to the semi-finals when a year ago they were nowhere near the top of the ratings. What I have heard was that their new coach was able to bring this team to the top of the world in less than a year. Great leadership and a well-managed strategy to success will make a huge difference when you are really kicking it up a notch.

Continue to learn so you can continue to grow into the most successful leader your business can have, even if you only ever plan on being a one-person business.

If you are the only person in your business then make sure you successfully manage your time to look after things like, your admin, systems, training, follow-up, customer service, etc. If you do not, you will quickly get to a point where you will say, “I just don’t have time for that” and you will always be right. The challenge is that if you don’t have time than it does not get done and you cannot hope to have a successful business for long when things are not being completed.

Your results in business are what you are doing every day to get to your goal. You don’t have to be the gold medalist to be a successful player or team. Not every business needs to be a giant, but every business must be successful or it will not survive.

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