Dollars First – One Powerful Tool to Help You Focus on the Money

Dollars First – One Powerful Tool to Help You Focus on the Money

This week I received a great card in the mail from my friend Charmaine Hammond. The card read “Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% what you do with what happens to you.” with some lovely words inside from Charmaine. If 90% of your outcome in life really is from how you manage your time and the things you do with the gifts that you are given then let me share one simple, effective tool that I love to use to help my clients stay focused on the money.

Side Note – If you really want to make someone feel like they matter to you, send them a card in the mail. It is still an effective way of getting someone’s attention and making them feel special.

To Do Lists

To Do List

We all have different ways of doing a To-Do list. First I want to talk about some steps for creating the list itself and then I will give you the simple tool.

1. Big Goal

What is the big goal you are working towards? Currently I am working on filling my Find the Hidden Money Bootcamp for October. Start by identifying what you are working towards building or increasing in your business.

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2. Break it up

What are the pieces or steps that need to get completed to make sure this goal happens? For my bootcamp I have a 1 day event I am putting on, a free call, invitations, calls, etc. I have created a timeline that these things must be completed in and I know what has to be worked on to complete each one of these undertakings, some with several tasks each.

3. Daily

Make sure that your daily task list (or to-do list) has one or more tasks on it that will advance your goal. Create your daily to-do list with all items that you need to complete for that day.

Tip from Marla Tabaka – the July guest expert on the BLITZ Entrepreneur Club Group Coaching and Q&A call; Marla said, “writing it down is absolutely critical”. One of the advantages she gave was that writing down the information around a goal you may have fear about helps slow down the processes in the amygdala, which is the part of the brain that stores and exasperates fear. By releasing the information you are helping to release the fear.

4. Prioritize

If you are like me, my to-do list is often close to 20 items long. If your list is long like this then put stars beside 5 or 6 items that you must complete that day. You can even number them if you want to tackle them in the order that will ensure your completion.

I recommend working on the hardest item first. One challenging item for me is to make past-client, invitation calls to my next program or event. We are all adverse to being rejected, including myself and all the mentors I have worked with, so making calls that may result in many rejections is going to be difficult. I make my first call to the one person I know will not reject me. If you do this you will get your head and heart in the right place to continue to ask and then tackle the rest. You will see less and less rejection as you get better at offering your services.

Dollar Signs

Dollar Signs

Now for this simple and effective tool:

Go back to your list and put a dollar sign ($) beside any task item that is revenue generating. You need to start with the things that are going to make you money. The more money you make the better you will feel about your business and the easier it will get to continue to grow and ask.

Ask yourself, “Were the money generating tasks all in my top 5 prioritized items from step 4? If not ask yourself why you were avoiding doing these. Make sure you share this with your accountability partner, mentor, or coach. You will want some additional insight into what you have been doing and how you can change it so you will be more focused and more effective.


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