Is Your Talking Losing You Clients?

Is Your Talking Losing You Clients?

Are you turning off your clients, peers, and mentors by being the one that does all the talking? How much of the time are you being the listener? If you are really listening to others you will see an increase in your business. Everyone wants to feel like they are being heard. If you are controlling the majority of conversations you have then you are probably not listening enough.

The only time you should be the main speaker is when you are being coached or you are the guest speaker to an event. Try these three things to become a better listener.

Count to 3

Count to three before you make any response. This will allow the other person to continue or add if they are still speaking and it will help you slow your thoughts down. People that jump in with every thought often talk over-top of another person and force their control of the conversation.

Don’t think ahead

When you are listening to someone speak, don’t spend your time thinking about what you want to say. Spend your time concentrating on what they are saying. If you are thinking about what you will say and how you will say it you are likely not giving enough attention to the person that is speaking.

Ask more questions

By asking questions you give the other person the opportunity to speak often. If you are the person that takes over a conversation then asking more questions will allow you to give up some of the control.

Try giving up all the control of a conversation ever once in a while and see what it does to your reputation as a person that really connects to their clients, peers, and mentors. You will be seen as more knowledgeable and you will like the way it feels.

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