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Thanks to my friend Derek Fredrickson (@Derekfred) and his great article today on tracking your visitors, I went and checked my Google Analytics. I admit it Derek, I have not been faithful in tracking my results this way, but this month has made me a believer and today’s tracking review has validated that.

At the beginning of February I signed up for Empire Avenue (EAv). It was recommended by Teresa de Grosboi (@TeresaDee), whom I now consider a new friend. She is an online marketing specialist and suggested that even though this is a game it will increase my online presence,  my following and reach. I worked hard… well, not really. I put in about 30 minutes a day the first week and then about 15 minutes as part of my social media marketing time after that.

Here are my social media results…

  • My Twitter followers, after not significantly increasing in close to 6 months, increased by over 10% to break the 1000 followers mark.
  • I get more ‘Likes’ in a week on Facebook then I would get in over a month prior to doing this.
  • I am now connected to 108 new people on EAv that I can help and get my information out to.
  • I have used EAv to send new people to my blog by asking them to visit.
  • I got 2 comments on my blog yesterday alone – you know how hard that can be!
  • My Klout rating increased 110% to 42 which is an above-average number that represents my influence online.

Take this link if you want to try it out http://empireavenue.com/?t=v7rj1ne6&s=c

So what did that translate to?

Google Analytics 64% New visitsThe analytics are very clear; there was a significant change in my traffic this month. There was a 64% increase in new visitors to my website, 18 visits from Eindhoven in the Netherlands – I didn’t even know I was connected to anyone there. My general market is still found mostly in Canada and the USA. I have more diversity in the locations they are coming from plus 38 visits were coming from mobile devices.

What’s the next step?

Having visitors is great, but if they are not converting to your list then you constantly have to try and reach them through additional means, like EAv, Twitter, and Facebook plus you cannot speak directly to them. My next step is to evaluate what my invitation is on the page most people visit and find out how I can make it more valuable for them to take action and sign up.

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