Succeed or Fail: Which Quadrant are You in?

There are a lot of things that can add or take away from your success; much of which you have control over, like your skills, personality or leadership traits, experiences, and education. Over the next three e-zine articles I want to focus on The Four Quadrants of the Positive Optimist.

The ability to succeed in business and life, and maintain that success can be attributed to attitude about what is currently happening in your life and your outlook. You’re best and most successful attitude is to be positive about what is currently happening within your life and business and have an optimistic view of the future.

The Positive Optimist

This person tends to be surrounded by a lot of successful people that they can count on and will share their successes with. They see longer lasting success with larger rewards and overall will experience more happiness because their goals are met.

These people focus on the positive aspects of their current situation. Even when things are not going the way they want it is important that they spend time focusing on the things that are going right and their accomplishments. This allows them to take responsibility for the conditions of their current situation (good and bad) and be able to strategize on what can be done to change it if needed.

The optimist part of this person also has a positive outlook of the future. This makes it easier to put short term setbacks into perspective and keeps them from crashing an entire company.

The best way to stay the positive optimist is to have goals and a plan to implement changes to reach those goals. Spend time each day evaluating what has been accomplished, what challenges where encountered, what opportunities are available and what has to change to continue in the path, or to create a new path to success.

Stay tuned for the other 3 quadrants in my next few e-zines.


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