Key To Success – Constant Focus

Remember I told you about all the work I had to do to get ready for my event. The event was so successful and it was great fun. Everything went smoothly. We had a very powerful VIP day on Friday, a wine tasting with the incredible Lauren Pibworth (Yes she really does do everything including being one of the key reasons my event went so smoothly!) and two full days of speakers, training, and development.

WELL I was quite sure that once it was over I would have a little breathing room, but I was wrong!

This is a classic time for most entrepreneurs to take a break and make a key mistake to becoming successful. To become successful you cannot stop the forward momentum you have created, you must continue. One of my favourite sayings is from Kari Fisher who said, “You can never say, ‘Well now that I’m successful I can take a nap.’” AND it is so true! This is not the time to take a nap. So to give you an idea of what had to be done and is being done following my event, here is a list of what I have been working on this past week.

Whiteboard with Schedule and planned timelinds

  • Follow up calls to every guest (getting event feedback and inviting them to work with me)
  • Scheduling the next event
    • Creating the marketing timetable for the next event
    • booking the location for the next event
  • Booking a VIP day to introduce my process to people that could not make this event
    • Inviting people to my VIP day
  • Reaching out to past clients with my new Victor’s Circle program invitation
  • Scheduling a year of Victor’s Circle, Prestige of Management, and The Power of Leadership program dates.
    • Set it up in my calendar
    • Create intake sheets that will track clients’ progress and usage of the program
  • Setting up the new sales page of the Power of Leadership 20-week program.
    • Creating all the sales links to my merchant account
    • Writing the webpage copy
    • Recording the invitation video
    • Editing the video and posting it
    • Writing the autoresponders
  • Follow up emails to event participants with the offers from the speakers.

On top of all this I was asked to speak yesterday for the Barrie Mompreneurs group and I’m prepping to participate and speak at an event in Sedona Arizona at the beginning of May plus my car has finished its 14 year journey and I’ve had to make time to find a new one ASAP, because life does not come to a halt so you can create something new or grow your business.

Don’t worry, I have a great team that helped with much of this, but I still had to coordinate and strategize the required work and make all the calls and write most of the copy, because that is me speaking directly to my clients.

I have a sense of urgency to get this work done, but I am not over stressed and that is because I live the strategies I teach.

  1. Create good process to take away the worry of getting things done and time wasting work complete
  2. Have a great team, even if they only work for a few hours a month, get them to do the work you really shouldn’t be doing so you can focus on your core competencies and passion.
  3. Charge what you’re worth so you never feel you are ‘not-enough’ and people don’t take advantage of you and your business

Once I learned how to fully accept that I am the CEO of my company I created the strategies that helped me constantly stay focused on what I could do best to make my business grow, and you can too.

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