3 Reasons Why Great Business Owners Can Run More Than One Business

Look at Richard Branson. He has more than 300 businesses and even if he only put in 30 minutes a day on each business he would have to work 150 hours a week – IMPOSSIBLE! So why is it so hard for the average business owner to find the time to run one business, grow that business, and still have time for their family? Here is my insight into the things I see successful business owners doing that the average business owner do not.

1. Ask Why Not

When someone tells them, it cannot be done they ask “Why Not”.  If there is a challenge or obstacle in the way of their goal they are more likely to start asking the questions that will give them solutions instead of stating reasons why they cannot do it.

One of the biggest challenges for the small business owner is not having enough time to do something new. I hear the excuse, “I just don’t have time” so often it is discouraging for me to listen. I’m not suggesting that people are lying and they do have time, but instead of stating their obstacle I would love to hear the question, “how could I make that work?” or “what would that look like with everything I am doing right now?”. Getting into the habit of looking for solutions before you discard the idea is how you find opportunities you would not have otherwise found.

2. Great Teams