The Power of Foresight

The Power of Foresight

Something that I learned about myself is that I am really good at foreseeing the details in a path I want to take. Over the next few weeks I will be rolling out 3 new programs, including The Power of Leadership 20-week business growth program. For many people, creating and implementing one program would be overwhelming. I’m not saying there is not a lot of work to do, but there is a process that works really well for me that I want to share with you.

There are three things that are really important in creating a new service for your clients:

  1. You must see the path and the final outcome clearly.
  2. You must be able to foresee the details it will take to get you there.
  3. You must be committed to doing what it takes at the right time to get it done.

Plan, prepare, execute, and repeat are the steps I take over and over to ensure that each new program runs as smoothly for its maiden launch as it will when it is several weeks, months, or years old.

1. Know the Outcome

You must see the path and the final outcome clearly. To create my Power of Leadership program I first had to know how long I wanted the program to be and what I expected the outcome or benefit to be for the client that goes through the program.

Now write it down

For me it is:

  • 20 weeks,
  • be able to see where they are,
  • what they really want from their business,
  • what has to change and how to start making the necessary changes

Now start thinking about what has to happen to ensure this outcome is met.

For my program:

  • I have to teach
  • I have to listen
  • I have to respond

So I had to create something that gave the required time to teach content, listen to my clients’ needs and respond with my insight.

2. Foresee the Details

Now you know what you have to build and what you need to do to make it have the outcome you desire for your clients. Next, fill in the details of how you will deliver your product. To do this you must first understand exactly where you are on your map to your goal.

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What do you need?

  • Are you right at the beginning?
  • Do you need skills training?
  • Do you need resources?
  • Do you need infrastructure?

Start brainstorming a list of things you think you might need to create and deliver your product.

I needed:

  • website
  • contact management system
  • conference line
  • a way to deliver recordings
  • a calendar

Once you have all the resources and infrastructure in place you are now good to start with the steps.

Plan the steps

With a clear image of what I have, where I am, and what I want to create I start creating the path that will get me there. This is not easy for everyone to do, so if you cannot see the steps you need to take, ask someone with experience to brainstorm with you or hire a business strategist to walk through it with you.

I like to start at the beginning and picture myself as a client. I start asking questions. If you know your clients you will know what types of questions they will ask. Answering these questions will give you some of your required details.

Here are some of my questions:

  1. What do I have to do to get to my program?
  2. What are the dates and times for my training?
  3. How do I get my coaching calls?
  4. Where do I find the other 20 hours of expert calls?
  5. Do I need to bring anything?
  6. When is the 2-day event?

These are the answers generated by some of the questions and the systems it created in my business.

  • The autoresponder for the program needed to include information on the program dates and the dial-in information.
    • This was created for the sales page.
  • I needed a procedure to ensure people in the program were emailed with reminders for their event dates
    • This started with me booking all the dates for the program in my personal calendar
    • Then I created a written procedure for my VA to manage the email contacts for those specific dates
  • I needed a procedure to keep track of people’s individual call usage
    • This created a checklist and a filing program
  • I needed content for the training that would take people through the desired transformation
    • This helped me create a 10-step program
    • It also lead me to invite some specific experts for certain topics

Knowing how to answer the questions your clients will have will give you insight into the details of your product.

3. Do whatever it takes!

If you are a person that works well under pressure then you have to make some changes to your working habits to ensure you are not doing all the work in the last few days or ‘on-the-fly’. This type of creation takes time and planning so plan on doing some of it over a longer period of time. As you may have noted, I have other people that must also help with the implementation. My web person looks after the autoresponders and the sales page links, my VA does the client communications, and I have experts I have to book for specific dates.

Working with other people on your team cannot be done only on your time and never in a rush. If you are saying, “I don’t have anyone on my team right now” then my advice to you is build your business as if you have a team of people you work with, so when you get to that time when you do have someone else to help you grow your business you will already have the best work habits to help you grow your team as well.

Now you know my secret to the Power of Foresight. Go and create something amazing!

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