Here’s a Marketing Idea: Give them what they want!

Here’s a Marketing Idea: Give them what they want!

I was at a book signing at a business and trade show recently. While I was chatting with people Mr. Bob Tracz came up and asked if he could give me a 60 second video, professionally edited for my business. I said yes of course.

So here is my take-away from this encounter.

The Action

  • Bob wanted to meet more potential clients and be able to show them the quality of his work
  • Bob wanted to give them more than a brochure or business card
  • Bob had time to market his business
  • Bob only had to invest his time and talent
  • Bob knew he could deliver

The Results

  • Bob gave each person he talked to a 60 second video
  • Each video was posted to YouTube to be used in social media marketing
  • Each person received a quality video they could use for their business
  • Each person got to see the value of Bob’s service
  • Bob now has more credibility and a larger reach because of people like me talking about his business

If you want to reach out to your potential clients in a bigger way then think about what you have to give them. Make it free or very affordable and make it valuable to them.

Here is the video and a big “Thank you” to Bob Tracz for the opportunity.

P.S. Not bad with no scripting and no cutting. 🙂

What have you tried that got you immediate credibility and more clients?

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