Gratitude for Book Signing

Last Thursday I was asked if I was interested in being at the Author’s Corner in the Festival of Shows for the signing of my new book The Gratitude Book Project: A Celebration of 365 Days of Gratitude (Donna Kozik Editor) I was unaware of the show and not even looking for this type of opportunity but here is was. I wasn’t prepared, I had never done this before, I really did not know what to expect – but I said yes. The only thing I really had to  do was to take action.

Without Action There is No Result

When the opportunity to be a part of this book came, I took immediate action and within a few hours I had my contribution created and edited. When the opportunity came to help make the book a #1 best seller I took action and helped make it come true. When the opportunity to be an author at a book signing in a business show, I jumped at it and had my media kit out in 1 hour. When someone at the show asked me if I wanted a 60 second video about my business, I did that too, even though I felt unprepared.

Accept Fear and Do it Anyway

There was fear. I was in new territory and this was a book of many authors in which I was just one. How would this work for me and for others. What I found was that people are interested in the book for what it is and also in the journey to get to a place where not everyone can go.

This is what I teach business owners. You can dream and plan all you want but until you take action there is no result.

Next step is a book all my own. All I have to do is dream it, plan it, and then take action because all the tools and people to help me are here when I need them.


  • So glad that you took action and took part in “The Gratitude Book Project,” Barb! Love the photo! Yes, so often it’s all about doing the things we advise our clients to do — great insight!

  • congratulations on the book signing. I really love the blog as well. Its written clearly and very concisely, and I shall certainly take away a few tips of presentation. Gillian a fellow Gratitude Book Contributor

  • PS One of your posts expresses just my fear, and that is I am just one of the many,and I admit its held me back.

  • My pleasure Gillian. I’m glad I was able to help in some way.
    There are not a lot of people that would have taken the opportunity to be a part of a book writing – so you are not just one of many, you are unique in all you do because you act even though you have fear. Congratulations.

  • Congratulations, Barb. Saying, “Yes!” to opportunity is definitely the first step in the journey to success. It’s wonderful to dream and plan, but taking action is what makes dreams come true.

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