The 5 Core Pieces to Business Success

The 5 Core Pieces to Business Success

Recently I had the opportunity to be a part of a book “The Gratitude Book Project: Celebrating 365 Days of Gratitude“. It was published in December and hit #1 on Amazon through a focused marketing campaign I also took part in. I wrote a small piece in this book but it represents “BIG” in so many ways. This accomplishment is about mindset, value, connectedness, opportunity, and action – 5 core pieces to business success.


If you don’t believe – no one else will. The confidence of what your business can do for others comes directly from you. Believe in your service or product and others will as well.


You may believe you have the best product or service available and it may be a great offering. If it does not meet your target market’s needs and requirements then there is no value. The only thing that makes a product or service valuable is sales. If you cannot sell it for what ever reason then you technically have no product or service.


We can do more as a community than we ever can do as an individual. Being connected in different products, projects, or associations are great ways to increase our “Know, Like and Trust Factor” so that you and your business becomes more visible and credible to your market.


Don’t stop looking for opportunity. As soon as you are open to the idea that there is so much abundance and so many ways to get to it then the opportunities will start showing themselves to you.


Be ready to act. Sometimes we see the opportunities all around us, but we don’t do anything about them. Choose the ones that best fit your goals and GO! Make it happen.

When the opportunity to be a part of The Gratitude Book Project came to me I acted immediately because I knew I was worthy of being a part of it, I had value to add, and I was connected enough outside this project to make things happen. Now I am even more connected in a way I had not been before.

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