Getting What You Want Yet?


Do you know how to create what you want in your life? Have you ever set a goal that you could not achieve? I used to think as a child that I was special. That somehow God thought I deserved anything I asked for. I was not greedy and I would not wish for anything, but anything I decided I wanted I would get.

I did not grow up in a wealthy home, so if I wanted something I had to make it happen myself; it was never just given to me. This is the key of course – I took action to my desire.

Recently I found that there was a goal I had set for myself that I had not been able to achieve. I found it very frustrating. I knew what I wanted, or so I thought, and I could not make it manifest itself in my life. I wanted to grow my business dramatically. I knew what my end goal was (a 7-figure business, which I am still shooting for), and I am a crazy implementer, working all the time to create what I thought I needed to make my business take this step forward. But what I was not paying attention to was what my true desire was. It was not the money, it was what I wanted to be doing to create that money.

While reading “Think and Grow Rich“, by Napoleon Hill, recently, I worked through an exercise to focus in on my true desire, which is speaking, presenting, and teaching Entrepreneurs. This is what I want to be doing to make my money. So I have been diligent to follow through on this exercise since the beginning of May. For the last year I have known I have to speak more often but until I opened my mind to what I really desired I could not find those speaking opportunities.

This past week I have been offered to speak in Calgary in August and January when I will be vising and in Ottawa. I spent the day today facilitating and teaching entrepreneurs, last week at a chamber presentation, and two weeks ago out of the blue I was contacted through LinkedIn, by someone that does not know me, to teach a program in Toronto. In August a well-known speaker will be local to me and she asked if we could put on a Joint Venture (JV) event for a day, which I said yes to (Hidden Money Master Intensive), plus I’ve had some other offers that have not solidified yet, including hosting my own TV show.

This happened because I focused on my desire but it did not start at that point. I was already poised to do this, I just needed to be in the mindset that would allow me to see and seize the opportunities.

Here is another resource for you to help with this mindset. I just finished reading and reviewing my friend Mark Rhodes’ book, “Think Your Way to Success“. I have admired Mark for years because he is truly someone that gets what he wants, to the tune of millions. This is a quick read with some really great exercises that may open your mind to your next big step forward.

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