Just Ask!

Do you ever wonder why you are not getting the things you are expecting to get in your business? I hear about this often from the clients I work with and my question to them is, “Do you ask for it?”

In our society is it sometimes thought of a greedy or selfish to ask for something, but in business if you are not asking for what you need or want as a result you are likely not going to get it. In the Law of Attraction we can put out our intention to get something. We can ask the universe to provide us with our needs, but without GOYA (Get Off Your Ass), which is a term John Assaraf coined, there is no way to actually receive this gift. So, get off your ass and get asking.

Here are three ways you can ask that may make the act of asking easier.

When Asked

When someone asks you, “how’s it going”, don’t respond with a pleasantry, tell them what is not working and what you need to make it happen. People you know will be interested in the fact that you trusted them with your inside information and will help you if they can.

While Networking

When you go to a networking function, go with the intent to fulfill one need. Recently I was at a function and my intention was to get more speaking engagements. I didn’t wait until I met people that had that opportunity to give me, I simply shared my goal with everyone I talked to. It was a great ice breaker because people were genuinely interested in what I was trying to do, but on two occasions I met people that needed speakers and guests for their shows. What a gift it was for me to help them out.

Openly Share

In places where you might share your goals with others, like your social media, blog, articles, email signature, etc. make sure you add in your need. People are connected to you because they want to know about you and if they get an opportunity to help you out they will.

What have you asked for lately that you got?

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