One Day - Could change how you create money in your business!

Many of you have told me:

  • I am stuck doing the same things over and over
  • I don't have time to take on anything new
  • I cannot afford to hire anyone
  • I cannot do all the work myself
  • I want to grow but what else is there?

I have also heard you say, "There has to be a better way than just working more and nearly killing myself to create more in my business."

That is why I am offering this intensive 1-day event.

Hidden Money Master Intensive

Attend the Hidden Money Master Intensive

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This is a one day, intensive training that will help you identify where there is more money in your business and what you can do to access it.

With her extensive entrepreneur skills used to build 2 companies and help many others increase their business reach, Barb will help you apply her experience and business training using structured exercises and proven examples.

The goal is to create more income and a reproducible profitability structure without creating a longer work week.

  • Uncover other opportunities already in your business
  • Identify where your money is leaking out of your business
  • Know what your next steps are so you can create more income quickly
  • Feel in control of the direction you want to take your company
  • Feel in control of your business growth

Join Barb Stuhlemmer a speaker at live events, online, and on TV, a contributing author of a bestselling book, a writer, the chairman of the International Business Program Advisory, Small Business Architect, Business Coach, Mastermind Evangelist, Trainer, and also known as "The Queen of Process", to uncover your hidden money and master your business growth.

GUEST Speaker - Teresa de Grosbois

Mastering Influence

How To Become A Sought-After Highly-Paid Expert In Your Field

Attend the Hidden Money Master Intensive

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Teresa asks:

  • Are you a service provider trading your hours for dollars in business and wishing there was a better way to get ahead?
  • Struggling to have people take you seriously because other have already "pegged" you?
  • Tired of chasing down referrals and leads and wishing there was just a better way?
  • Ever wonder what it takes to become a well-known expert in your field who others seek out, rather than having to continue to struggle with referral marketing?

Maybe you just know that if you could build relationship with even one influential person, you could maximize your business profit, but you just don't know how to get past the gatekeepers and avoid seeming desperate when you meet influencers.

Join International speaker, trainer and 3X best-selling author, Teresa de Grosbois to discover the simple habits you can build to become one of the top influencers in your industry; and why you'll be much happier when you do.

Be the master:

  • How influencers think and the habits they follow, including the unspoken rule book they play by
  • Top mistakes to avoid when dealing with influential people
  • Key things you need to know to get past the gatekeepers in meeting influencers
  • How to build a golden rolodex of top influencers in your industry who are eager to promote you and recommend you
  • How to get top influencers in your industry dying to be in relationship with you and wanting you in their rolodex

Attend the Hidden Money Master Intensive

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The Details

Join me and my special guest and friend Teresa de Grosbois, flying in from Alberta to bring you her Mastering Influence expertise. This event will be held on Monday August 13, 2012, at the SuiteWorks Business Centre, where together Teresa and I will give you new skills and strategies to think differently about what you can do to create and become something much bigger in your business. The doors open at 8:30am and the program starts at 9am.

If you are saying, "Yes, this is what I need right now", then don't wait to book your seat. There is very Limited Seating for this August 13th event!

Hidden Money Master Intensive 1-day event is only $97 - includes refreshments


Just $97 for the day

92 Caplan Ave. Barrie, Ontario

Monday August 13, 2012. Doors open at 8:30am, program starts at 9am

Don't miss this opportunity to learn from two experienced, business masters!
Hidden Money Master

To your success!

Barb Stuhlemmer
Blitz Business Success

I need to be there!

Don't miss out on this 1-day intensive learning for your business from two experienced, business masters!

Attend the Hidden Money Master Intensive

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