Don’t Assume They Known: 3 Things to Help Them Help You

Don’t Assume They Known: 3 Things to Help Them Help You

Do you ever wonder why people you have known for some time are not able to help you bring in new business? Maybe it is because they really don’t understand what you do or maybe it is because they don’t understand why you do it or what you need from them. Here are three tips for ensuring that your trusted referral partners are on-board with what you need.

What you do

Let you friends, relatives and trusted referral partners know what you are doing. Give them more than a title. Give them an overview of how you help your clients. The more they know about your business, your clients, and the language you use to describe your business the more they will be able to help.

Why you do it

If you have transitioned into your business from something that seemed quite disparate from what you were previously doing, then they may not be able to make that connection as to why you are doing what you do. It is hard to get people to help you if they feel this does not fit with your skills, your passion, your knowledge, etc. Update them with your reasons for starting your business and why these reasons will help you give great service to your clients.

What do you need

I know that the people that know, like, and trust me genuinely like to see me do well. I also know that if they can help me they will. So, if they are not helping me it may be simply that I have not let them know what they can do for me.

You need to let them know what they can do for you. You may want some of their time to help with marketing, invite people to your grand opening, mention the location, create interest, or you may just want them to spread the word to people they know.

Let them know what you do, why you do it, and how they can help and you’ll probably find you have a lot of extra potential customers connecting with your business.


  • Thank you for this great info, simple and straight to the point! I joined a network marketing company because I loved the unique service they provide and that it could be marketed to businesses as well as personal. I still had a mind block on how to introduce the opportunity to people. After reading this, my mind is thinking that I show my service/business to all, I do this because I want more options for my children ( they will be able to try everything that the want), how can they do? Take a look, so we can gage their interest to determine how they might be able to help me? And in return, let me see what they do and how I may be able to help them? Networking is the best thing!

  • Hi Bryan:
    Inviting everyone that touches you and your business is a great idea. Letting your friends and family know how it will affect you and your kids helps share your vision. Some people will be a fit for the group and some will be there just to support you, but just being there will let them see how you do your business.

    When inviting people you think might fit with your networking group you will want to use the WIIFM approach. They will want to know what value is in it for them, not necessarily for you. I like to invite people by letting them know that they will have an opportunity to talk about their business to 20+ other connected business owners and entrepreneurs. I know as a business owner I like to be invited places where I can meet other businesses, talk about my business, and get connected.

    Thanks for chiming in Bryan

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