Reach Your Goals – Don’t Quit

One of the hardest things we do in business for ourselves it to stay motivated and focused. There are so many things that distract us, like product development, new direction, markets, new ideas of how to build our business, networking, etc. . There are so many wonderful things we could add to our business, I’ve heard this referred to as “shiny-object syndrome”. We lose our motivation when the people that surround us cannot support our ideas or our vision.

Not all new things are bad for our business, not all criticism should be ignored, but how do we keep ourselves motivated and moving forward to our ultimate goals? With the right support. I surround myself with people that are like-minded, visionaries. I hire coaches and mentors to challenge me and keep me accountable. I join associations and groups where the people cheer for my successes and support me during my struggles with positive constructive ideas for growth. The people I hire are doing the things I want to do. The people I surround myself with are themselves successful people surrounding themselves with people that motivate them, like a team.

Watch this amazing video and recognize that without the motivation and support of this coach the entire team would suffer.

If that didn’t get you to thinking, “what am I not doing that is stopping me from reaching my goals”, then maybe you’ve reached them. But if it did think this then get out there and get yourself an amazing business coach.


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