Becoming the Expert – And Own It!

Becoming the Expert – And Own It!

I’m listening to a call today with Jeff Crilley, author of “Free Publicity“, about getting free PR by connecting with a reporter. It has opened up some interesting opportunities. One concept he focused on was that many people don’t feel like an expert worth quoting in the news. His story about a lawyer wanting coaching to become a news-worthy expert was fascinating (check his book).

I want to reiterate to everyone this concept. You need to ‘Own Your Expertise’. If you are doing this for a living you are an expert. I’ve been on TV several times. The first time I could not believe I was the expert they needed for their spot. But as I became more confident I have opened up other opportunities and I get called more often to share my perspective on business. It is what I do, it is what I read, it is how I make my living, and it is my passion – so yes I have an opinion worth sharing. AND I bet you do too.

Reach out to someone to start your connection with those that will listen and then take a leap of faith and connect with the media. Check out Jeff Crilley for his expertise on how to become the person that the news comes to for their quotes and grow your business with your increased credibility.

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