I Have a Coupon?

I Have a Coupon?

If you have one product at one price then keeping track of offers is quite easy, but that is not likely for any of us.

For one of my products I had an introductory price when I was building the product, a held over price, the pre-release price, a coupon I offered to capture attention and I will have a just released price when the product finally launches. This is just for one product.

The challenge is keeping track of what you have offered. If you have hundreds of products or dozens of services and have offers and coupons you will need to have a system to keep track. Here are the categories you will want to monitor.

  • Product name
  • Product regular price
  • Offer name
    • Coupon, discount or price
    • Term of offer (how long)
    • Who did you offer it to
  • Marketing campaign offer was part of

You don’t want people coming back to you afterwards saying, you offered me $200 off but you charged me full price. Know who and where your offer applies and make sure you give it to everyone that is eligible. Remember, the offer is part of your marketing to build credibility and create a sales relationship. If they don’t have a great experience because of the pricing problems you may loose your next sale.

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