You Need A Strategic Partner!

You Need A Strategic Partner!

‘What is a strategic partner,’ you might ask? This is a person that sees your potential clients often in their line of work or business. It is a symbiotic partnership that allows both of you to grow and do what you want to do while helping the client in more ways than you could on your own.


If you are a wedding photographer then a great strategic alliance for you may be an event planner or a wedding dress store to partner with. Brides go to them for their needs and they can refer you if they need a photographer. Also, if you have a bride that still needs to get her dress or venue, you can refer them.

I believe it is important to have 2 to 3 strategic partners. It is a Triple-WIN; (1) You are able help more people, (2) your strategic partner will also be able to help more people, and (3) the Client’s needs are fulfilled.


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