Who is your support system?

Who is your support system?

When you started business you may have gone through the process of developing a business plan. A strategy in business plan creation that was shared with me was to create an org-chart (organizational chart) to define the structure of the company and all the operational positions required. When I created mine I found there were 34 positions in my company. As I started assigning responsibility for these positions I found my name in almost every box.

Chart showing why business owners cannot succeed without getting support for all their responcibilies.
Business Plan organizational chart

The first responsibilities I handed off were for my bookkeeping and accounting. I got an editor to help on projects and a graphics design company to help with the company brand part of marketing.

What is so important to understand is that getting the internal support in business is important but having external support is imperative. So who is on my core external support team right now?

  • Two mastermind groups – I can bring problems, ideas, challenges and get solutions and actions to implement.
  • My accountability partner – I talk to her daily about one task I promised to do.
  • My best friend – she is also a business owner and will listen, laugh, and cry with me when I need it.
  • My BNI chapter – I have made some great connections that have turned into friendships through BNI and other networking groups I attend.
  • My kids – they accept that Mom sometimes works from home and will mostly respect my space. Sometimes I do have to stop to dole out a kiss and hug.
  • Most important is my husband – He has buy-in for what I’m doing and an unshakable belief in me.

If you do not have anyone outside your business to celebrate your achievements and share in your challenges and daily struggles then your business will be less likely to survive.

You can start a business by yourself but no one can succeed in business alone.

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