When I Talk Success Who Listens?

When I Talk Success Who Listens?

A quote I saw from Darren Hardy this week on his Facebook’s Daily Mojo posting was “Life is like photography. You need the negatives to develop.” The more successful you become the more ‘things’ you have had to overcome, traverse, transcend, relinquish, overtake, avail over, learn, mature into, and basically live through. Success is about failing to meet your goals and still moving forward.

So when Darren talks about Success hundreds-of-thousands of people listen. When I talk Success there are less and when others speak of success there may be even less. Does that make success worth less?  I don’t believe so. Success is not the measure of how many people listen to what you say, it is that what you have to say is significant enough for someone else to even listen.

You are already successful. You are making a difference for your friends, family, and clients when you are giving referrals for a great realtor or the best place to get a bargain, or advice on how to do something, who to contact, or where to go and people are taking your advice. If someone is listening then you have the foundations to build even more success.

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