Architects Plan for Development – Do You?

Architects Plan for Development – Do You?

I am constantly talking about business and in particular about the success people can and have reached in their business. What I find to be true is that success in business is directly tied to success in life. Each affects the other. This means if you want to have success in your business you have to have a successful vision for your life and visa-versa.

If your business takes 70 hours a week, you are always in debt, you are unable to do the things you want to do with your family or friends, and you do not wake up each morning excited to go to work, then, no matter how much money you are making, if this is not your expected way of living then your unsuccessful business operations is creating a meaningless life.

“Pretty drastic”, you might be saying to yourself and you might be right, but I truly believe that if you build something that creates money, you hate doing, and you have no end in sight, you are not successful. So here are three tips to work towards success in both your business and your life.

1. Have a Plan

Know what your final business plan looks like. You may have to give up family reunions and weekends to create something that is successful, but if you don’t know what your part is in that and what your exit strategy is for all the work you are currently doing then finding a way to stop doing it will be near impossible.

2. Know Your Priorities

If money is your number one priority for your business then know what your business looks like when it is making the money you want without you doing any of the work. A great business should be able to be run by any competent person. If family is your number one priority, then again, know the plan to ensure that you will not lose what you have trying to gain by having a successful business. When you go to make any decision ask yourself, “does this fit with my priorities?” If it does not, think hard whether it is worth implementing.

3. When to Change Course

If something is not working know when it is time to change course. For employees that are not working out, a good rule of thumb is to, “hire slowly and fire quickly”. Don’t keep bad employees or hold on to unproductive relationships when it is affecting your priorities. If you have a product or service that is not received well or no one is purchasing it then sell something different. Just because you think it is amazing does not mean others want to pay for it. Basically, don’t be tied to things that don’t fit in your plan. I am not giving you permission to not work at family relationship though; they are worth the effort and likely are part of your priorities.

To be successful in business you must also be successful in your life. Know how they fit together and use these three tips to make the changes that will best drive you to your most successful outcome.

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