What Can You Do Today to Get More Clients?

Welcome to Sunday. It is a day for rest, church, and family for many of us, including me. I teach grade 7-9’s on Sunday mornings at my church and I always leave with so much positive energy from all their questions and insights about religion and faith.

I try not to spend time at work, but I always spend some time preparing for the week. Sometimes I am reading, sending out email to try and catch people first thing Monday morning, connecting on social media to stay in touch, and now blogging. I am not suggesting you have to give up your free time, but as a business owner you have to know that there is no real day you are not somehow thinking about your business.

So, don’t stress over not doing something, be specific in what you want to accomplish and the amount of time you plan on putting into it. If it is significant and you have family that might be offended, then you may have some negotiating to do. Finish the little things you cannot get done when the phone is ringing, meetings are happening, and your clients need you. When you are done, put the business and phone away and enjoy the rest of your day.

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