What are you known for?

This is a difficult question for most of us to answer. It is difficult for many reasons; one being that bragging is not an acceptable behaviour for a well-mannered person. Well I say, “Get over it”. That’s right, if you want others to know what you are good at and be known for that attribute then you will have to first start telling others what it is.

Once you have established what you are good at then selling your benefits will be easier for your prospects to see.

Here is an example of my client’s greatest attributes and what it brings to his business.

Commercial Property/Building Inspector


  • Has over 30 years of experience in industrial environment
  • Several certificates & licenses of the highest level
  • Manager for the electrical operations of an oil rig platform
  • Worked on high-pressure, high-risk positions around the world

Known for…

He is known for understanding everything that can go wrong in a building and what to do to ensure it does not. I know “everything” is a very general term, but what he doesn’t know about a building is not going to affect the client’s pocket book.

Value to client

The client will know how much money a property is really worth, what the risks are, and if it is worth investing in. If you have ever done a business valuation, knowing this before you sink your money into something is not priceless, it imperative.


Go discover what you are good at and get out there in a big way so that everyone else knows what you are good at too.

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