What are You Doing to Become More Omni-Present?

What are You Doing to Become More Omni-Present?

Huronia Business Times Cover Story - Mastermind - Expert Barb Stuhlemmer
Being known in your business is your responsibility! Barb Stuhlemmer as expert on mastermind for front-page feature article in the Huronia Business Times.

Whether you are a sole proprietor or you run a larger corporation, you need to be known so that your company can be known. It is your responsibility to get your name and expertise out to your potential clients. If you think this would not work for you, look at these two extremely successful businesses that have their key people in the public light making a personal connection with their customers and their potential clients.

Darren Hardy

Publisher & Editorial Director of Success Magazine

This is not a small publication and Hardy has a large part in making this business successful, yet he still consistently reaches out to his readers through twitter and his blog to stay connected. He also answers direct questions and interacts in a way that gets him noticed by even more people.

Howard Schultz

CEO of Starbucks Coffee Company

This is a huge, public, multinational company and most would say that there is no reason why the CEO of such a large company would need to be connected and present in the minds of the customer, but Schultz is. His recent book “Onward: How Starbucks Fought for Its Life without Losing Its Soul” reaches out to the individual on a personal level, sharing his private challenges through a difficult transition in the business. He further opened up on a public teleconference/webinar with streaming Twitter feed to get instant feedback and questions which he answered live.

Both men are well known and well liked making it easier for people to want to purchase from their companies or contribute to causes they feel worthy.

So what can you do to be known as the expert in your business? Do something that connects your clients with your personal vision? If you do this you will find it easier to attract new business.

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