One More Word to Banish

Recently I wrote a blog Words to Banish From Your Business Speak. One word I really wanted to mention but could not recall at the time of this post was ‘ANYONE!’

ANYONE is Too General

In business you need to know what your company has as its expertise and then you have to focus on that niche. The more focused you are, the easier it is to get more clients. If I could banish one word from the business person’s vocabulary it would be “anyone”.

Here is a conversation I may have had with a business person that helps other business owners. I have had this type of conversation with many owners with the same outcome. It all starts with me asking, “who is your target market?” and they answer, “I can help anyone.” I start by asking questions I am sure they cannot answer.

When I asked them, “can you help them pay their taxes or take their deposit to the bank?”

They said, “well no, I work with people online.”

Now we’re getting somewhere! “Can you help people with implementing code on their website to manage events?”

“Well no, I more focus on managing email campaigns and newsletters.”

“So you don’t help anyone after all?”

“Well anyone in business could use this help?”

“Many yes, but I bet if we kept asking questions we would find that even in a pool of anyone that has email campaigns and newsletters not even all of them would be the perfect client for you.”

No one company can focus on helping everyone so when asked, “who is your target market” the answer can never be “anyone”. Find your niche and put your efforts into selling to them. This way you will be working with people you really love working with and they will truly appreciate what you have to offer.

Add your comments below on the words you least like to hear people speak in business.

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  • This is an excellent word Barb, and one that I always challenge when I see people doing their infomercials. When someone stands and says “I can help anyone…” I automatically feel as though their either unprepared or uncertain of their business.

    Other words I have trouble with:

    Guru / Expert

    I do know the importance of elevating ones self into a position of confidence. Confidence sells, and people like to be working with someone who is sure of themselves. However, both the word Expert and more specifically Guru has become more of a cliche especially in certain industries.

    If someone else calls you a “Guru / Expert” that’s flattery, but people should be careful proclaiming it themselves.

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