The Push to Get it Right

I’ve been procrastinating completing two videos and I’ve had several different reasons: I’m not dressed appropriately, the lighting is bad, I don’t have makeup on, I don’t have any help. Well today I decided to just get it done.

What I found was that within 30 minutes I had two new videos for my website and my next event (coming June 22-23, 2013). I even took time to get changed in between and changed the video location. What a relief to have it done. What a waste to have not done it earlier.

I hear this often from my clients and students as well. “I can’t because I’m not ready.” Well ready or not you need to get started. Make it perfect afterwards, but start none the less.

This made me think back to an article I wrote last October “When is it Perfect?” and I thought I would redirect you back to this post so you too can get started even when you may not be totally ready.

When is it Perfect?

In my other company, for the past 4 years, I have been writing SR&ED claims for small and medium sized manufacturers, specifically in the scientific and technology fields of the claim. It is time-consuming and often time-restricted, but… [read the original post]

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