Celebrating over 200 – On the way to Expert

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I just realized the other day how much content I have produced over the past 2.5 years. Between this blog and my BLITZ e-zine article posts I have well over 200 posts covering all types of business and personal topics that affect success.

I know my ability to write has improved thanks to third person editing and the practice of doing it over and over. Like everything in our lives we can only become good at something by doing it. Malcolm Gladwell talks about expertise in his book “Outliers“. Basically once you have put over 10,000 hours into the practice of doing something you become an expert. This is the story of almost every so-called ‘over-night sensation’. Katy Perry‘s sister says it took Katy her entire life to become an overnight sensation.

The challenge usually comes at the beginning when we are afraid that we are  ‘not good enough’ and we do not attempt to do what we would love to try. All I can tell you is that if you like doing it then stick with it, keep practicing, keep ‘shipping’ in Seth Godin‘s terms and you too can be seen as an expert at what you do, and not before.


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