Really? You Can’t?

Really? You Can’t?

If you find yourself pushing back on ideas and saying things like, “I can’t” then you may need to tweak your mindset.

“I Can’t” is not the answer

Every time you find yourself saying “I Can’t” I want you to go back and replace it with one of these statements: “I won’t” or ‘No” and skip the excuse.

Here are 2 Examples:

1. Are you going to apply for the business award?

Old answer: I can’t apply for that, they won’t pick me.

New answer: No I won’t be applying this year.

2. Do you want to come to the presentation with me next weekend?

Old answer: I can’t go out of town, I can’t afford it and I don’t have time.

New answer: No, thanks for the invitation though.

Remember, it is OK to say no and to not accept but it is not cool to complain or whine about why. If you leave this part out of your answers you will start answering different and feeling differently about your responses. You will actually start finding ways to say yes. And if you want to say yes but you really don’t have the time or resources then ask this question…

How can I?


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