Implementing versus Selling

Implementing versus Selling

The two sides of entrepreneurship are creation and sales. You must be able to do both in your business or you will stop producing, shipping, and selling if you have a challenge with either.


Some people are great at implementation. New ideas mean new things to develop and that is exciting. It drives them to get more done.

I’m definitely this person. I love to create but redundant building can be tedious and sometimes will slow me down when it comes to completing a new project.  Ideas sometimes come easily but getting the tedious work done can be a challenge.


Some people enjoy the other end of the business – the sales. Client interaction, marketing, calls, the purchase, and the follow-up are what makes their business exciting.

I love the client interaction but I am sometimes challenged around the sale. “The ask” is more difficult for some.

The Balance

If you have trouble with some part of your system then go and get training or hire someone to help you. I pay for a VA to implement new products in 1Shopping Cart and set up databases. I hire coaches to help me with my marketing and sales. Both these purchases have helped me increase my business growth, my sales, and my price.

Which do you have a challenge with and what have you done to make a difference?

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