More Money – More Success? Right?

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When we think success we look at the things people have and think, ‘nice car, they must do well to afford that’ or ‘they are always going away on vacation, it must be nice to have that kind of money.”

Is it really the money that makes people successful? The answer is Yes and No. It would be great if I could say, ‘well you can be completely successful without money, but there is a component of success that deals with comfort. Someone can be successful in money when they reach their comfort level, whatever that may be, but being comfortable does not mean they are successful. Let’s look at the three pieces I feel really elevate someone, in my eyes, to being seen as successful and what you can do to obtain success yourself.

1. Significance

The number one (#1) thing that really screams success to me is how significant the person’s life is. By this I mean:

  • What are they doing that will outlive them
  • Who have they positively affected
  • How many people are now on the path to being successful themselves

Having a life of significance is important to use all. It doesn’t have to be that the world knows you; it is that the world around you knows you. I think the easiest way to measure someone’s significance is to listen to what others say about that person.

To bring significance to your own life look at doing something like:

  • Take on a volunteer project that you can stick with for more than one event
  • Give back every opportunity you have without expectation of receiving
  • Mentor someone else so they become more successful

2. Credibility

To become successful people have to trust you…

  • trust you to do your job right
  • trust you with their children
  • trust that the information you gave them will be correct and actually help

To be successful you have to be credible in the things you do. Try some of these tips to become more credible in what you do.

  • Honour your commitments
  • Continue to learn and be open to being wrong
  • Apologize when you are wrong and make it right

3. Struggle

Every person who is successful has a story. At some point there was a challenge that caused the person to grow. To be able to take on more we have to learn how to be bigger and more effective at what we do. This means there is a struggle that happens during these times of transition:

  • Struggle to believe in their own worth
  • Struggle to make the money last longer than the month
  • Struggle to become credible and significant

This growth stage (which will happen every time a successful person grows again) can be eased by following these three tips:

  • Surround yourself with great people (supporters, mentors, staff, partners, coaches, etc.)
  • Accept that you don’t have to come in with the answer, but that you will leave with one
  • Have a specific and measurable plan so you can have full faith in your own abilities to reach your goals

Being successful, whether at home, in your job, at your volunteer position or in your business, means reaching your goals through tolerable struggle, creating credibility around our abilities, and having a legacy of your worth as a parent, spouse, leader, teacher, owner, or entrepreneur. With this in place, the money will come.



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