3 Tips to Accomplishing More in Your Day/Business/Life

My definition around success is ‘the accomplishment of a known event with an expected outcome or result’. So, if you want to be more successful you need to accomplish more things that you have identified as required tasks on the path to your goal.

Here are 3 tips to accomplishing more

1. Create a Desire

It is not enough to just wish you had something new, you need to truly desire it. By creating a desire FOR SOMETHING you create the motivation to DO SOMETHING. It takes action and commitment to keep focused through all the challenges you will need to overcome to reach your final goal.

Think of the last time you really needed something – you had to get the money to put new brakes on your car, you had to figure out how you could get your kids to a tournament when you had meetings and your spouse works out of town, etc. When you have a desire to make something happen you are committed to finding the solution.

I teach an exercise in my programs to create a written desire statement. Having this desire statement can make big things happen in your life.

2. Set a Goal

Desire is great for motivation but without a concrete goal there is no really outcome to shoot for. I have covered goal setting several times in my articles over the years but I always like to point back to these Simple Goal Setting Steps.

3. Have Daily Goals

Having a goal is like knowing your destination. When you are thinking of sailing to an island for an event you know where you are going and when you have to be there. You know which direction to sail, but during the trip there are things that will happen to push you off course. You will need to re-adjust your sails for the wind and rethink your strategy to make the trip as effective and time efficient as possible.

Set 1 to 3 goals each day that will help you get to your big goal. Make sure they are small enough that you can accomplish them that day. Ask yourself at the end of the day, did I do at least one thing today to help me reach my goal?

Remember, a long trip still requires you to travel all the miles in between. Most overnight sensations were years in the making and that will be true for every great thing you want to bring into the world. Make use of your time to ensure when you get to your destination you will actually be where you set out to be. To accomplish the big goals you have to be able to accomplish all the small goals, tasks, and steps in between while managing all the distractions.

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