Mistakes that Cost – How To Move On

Mistakes that Cost – How To Move On

Tech expert, yes, but infallible – NO. Just because I know how tech works and I know hundreds of proprietary software does not mean I cannot make ‘rookie’ mistakes.

Today I decided I would reach out to some of my LinkedIn connections to offer my support. I used the messaging function in LinkedIn after looking up how to. My first attempt and it was easy, or so I thought.

I received the most angry email I have ever received, from someone I have known for more than 10 years and call a friend. Apparently when I sent the message it had put everyone’s name in the ‘TO’ line. Aaaag! I would never-ever email a list of people with their names in the ‘TO’ line. It is email etiquette 101. WHAT HAPPENED?

I tell you this because, although I found my mistake and will never do it again, this person is so upset they didn’t even want an apology. Sad for me and for them. I removed them from all my contact locations (LinkedIn, Facebook, & Mailing lists) as per their request. Although I’m embarrassed and feel foolish, I did send an apology. Making a mistake is inevitable when you are implementing new things and acquiring new skills. I’m human but I am still an expert and still have so much to offer my clients just not this one person.

Don’t let stupidity stop you from trying and don’t let angry people stop you from being human. Forgive yourself, forgive them, and move on. You have so many more people to serve.

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