Looking After Your Clients: 3 Tips to making their experience better

Looking After Your Clients: 3 Tips to making their experience better

There are some great ways to grow your business, but sometimes when we implement new processes we forget our client’s experience. Here are three tips that will help you put them first.

#1 Truly Reward Loyalty

Don’t make your clients jump through hoops to continue to work with you. Make every project or purchase easier for them to stay than to switch to your competitor.

#2 Remember Their Past

If they had an issue with any product or service, don’t forget to follow up and ensure they were completely satisfied with how you handled it. If it was completely resolved they will be thankful that you took the time to check on them.

#3 Build New for the Old

When you are making updated products or services that you want to get into a new market don’t forget that your current, satisfied customers may also want to continue to purchase from you. If you build something new that does not incorporate how your current clients are using your product then they will not be able to upgrade. You may alienate them in your market.

Bonus – Keep it human

Your relationship with your clients, whether they are next door, at the other end of the city, or overseas, should always be focused on the human touch. In this growing conceptual age, being out of touch with your relationships is like not existing at all.


  • This is an excellent post Barb,

    One other area I would ad is

    #4) Don’t focus on the sale, rather focus on the relationship

    Again excellent post

  • These tips are so valid!

    Once my clients have shown committment to regular treatments, I offer 20% off a prepaid package. They love it!

    With all skin blemish removal clients, and with clients who have had a reaction to hair removal, I make sure to do research, call them within a week to follow up, provide information, or give suggestions to improve any issures they have.
    I also make a note on their file if they went on a holiday, had a special family event, and their family member names so that I can show interest in them while having conversations during their treatment.

    I can’t say this has been used in my business yet. Except when I relocated, I offered any clients that stayed with me a continual percentage off for their loyalty.

    KEEP IT HUMAN – when I work with a client as long as is necessary for them, we definitely get a chance to know each other and share. The least I can do is get to know what music they prefer to listen to during their treatment time. If they’re not comfortable with their environment, it will determine whether they return or not!

  • Thanks Josh and yes I totally agree with your added #4 point. The relationship is the key to authentically offering them help as apposed to selling to them.

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