Accountability Partner – Why do You Want One?

In a previous post I talked about the value of having an accountability partner (Accountability Partner – What value could this possibly hold for me?). Let’s look at why you want one.

Why Have an Accountability Partner?

Have you ever got to the end of a week and thought, “wow, I thought I would have had more clients this week”, or “I still don’t know what I’m going to get out of this event”, or “How can I get people to take me seriously”? What if you were asking someone these questions each day? Do you think you would have more answers or less?

An accountability partner can help you uncover the answers. Although asking the questions of yourself is a great place to start, it shows you recognize something has to change, it is not enough to bring on change. To catalyze a change in your business you have to change the way you think about what you are doing. Accepting an outsider’s view, perspective, and suggestions can make that change happen quickly.

Example – Relief from overwhelm = more clients

Owner – When I enter my office I feel overwhelmed by all the things I have to do and at the end of the day I never seem to get as much done as I need to get done.

Partner – What feels overwhelming to you when you walk in to your office?

Owner – I have so much to do and so little space. I feel like I never get things cleared away.

Partner – Why not?

Owner – I just don’t have time to do all the little things.

Partner – Why don’t you get someone to help you?

Owner – I cannot afford an assistant.

Partner – Do you need a trained person to do your little things?

Owner – No, probably not.

Partner – How about if a college or high school student came in for 2 to 4 hours a week. Could you train someone like that to get your little tasks cleared away?

Owner – I’ve never thought of that.

Climbing the ladder of success
Climbing the ladder of success

Two weeks later she had a student from the local college, excited to help and to make more than minimum wage. It freed up the Owner’s time to make more money and the student paid for her time in one extra hour of client work for the Owner. The biggest change was the relief from “the overwhelm” – which created more focus and joy in her business.


  • This is an excellent post Barb, and a great reminder of how important it is to share your “problems or issues” with someone (or others). We often might think one way, and feel there is no solution, much like in your example above.

    I remember a time during a conference when the presenter asked – What is your greatest struggle? to an audience member. After repeating the process 3 times, the presenter finally got to the “true” greatest struggle. This wouldn’t have happened if the audience member would have asked them self, as they would have stopped after the first answer.

    Thanks for the post,


  • Great example Josh. Thanks for sharing.

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