Have You Done Enough? Ideas to Increase Your Sales

I’ve heard that this shopping season in Canada consumers have spent an average of $100 per family more than over the 2011 Christmas shopping season. Is your business one of the businesses that is benefiting from increased spending? If not then ask yourself what you have done to improve sales this year. In fact I want you to write it down…Make a list.

Here are a few things you can add to your list for next year.

Things you can do to increase sales:

  • Campaign to connect with past clients/customers
    • Call
    • Send a card
    • Sales, specials or coupons
  • Mailing campaign for target market
    • Sales, specials or coupons
  • Business Open House
  • Public Speaking
  • Volunteer
  • Networking
  • Free offer, call, product, or course
  • PR (TV, Radio, Newspaper, magazine)


Christmas Letter in Santa's mailboxThere are many more things you can be doing too both online and offline. Take a look at your pricing, product/service, promotion, and the place you sell. Changing any of these four parameters will have an effect on your bottom line. Remember, the key is to engage your potential client, create a relationship and invite them to buy from you. There needs to be a ‘call to action’.

Now make a schedule of how you will role out at least three new marketing campaigns for 2013.


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