Are You Relevant? Prove it!

Being relevant to your followers and your clients is necessary for good business. Our language, topics, and direction affects the way people interact with us. It is one thing to be relevant, it is another to stay relevant, especially when our words can be around on the internet for many, many years, if not forever.

I am fortunate to have inside knowledge of a very popular blog ( This is a very niche focused blog, that shares information on the game Magic The Gathering. The owner of this blog (Bob Barrie) collects and shares information of new cards and products. It is so popular that he gets 2000 – 14000 hits a day on the blog and has just surpassed his 5,000,000 visitor (that’s 5 million). His product is information and it is so relevant to his followers that it is the first place people come to find out new information on the game they love to play.

He often adds his humour and personality to the content by creating videos, stories, and posting humorous images which endear him to his audience.  Today he had a nice surprise when he found that an article he wrote 3 years ago was the topic of an article in the National Examiner. His information is so relevant to his audience that even three years later there is value. (Here is the original post)

So, are you relevant to your client?

Here is how you prove it:

1. Your clients refer you

MTG Realm often gets shared thousands of times a day. People know the information is reliable and they want to help others get the best too so they share his online location.

Do your clients actively help others by sharing your business information?

2. Your clients rely on you.

For MTG Realm, when someone finds something interesting online they expect to find confirmation on the MTG Realm site. Bob has their trust because he has reliable information when it is needed and expected.

Can your clients rely on you when they need you?

3. Your clients and other people you don’t know quote you

Just take a look at the story in the Examiner. A seemingly simple informational share became worthy of another person’s article.

Do you want or need this type of PR?

4. They reach out to you

People in the Magic industry and game world want to be associated with MTG Realm. They know that he has influence in that world. He is approached by business owners, online and physical stores, as well as players, other bloggers, and the PR company for Wizards of the Coast because they know he can add value to them.

Are your clients making an effort to seek you out and be connected?

5. They come back

The biggest compliment a business owner can have is to have returning clients. MTG Realm has some of the most loyal customers, lining up each season to be a part of his blog.  His content is shared over-and-over, year-after-year.

What percentage of your clients are return clients?

Take a look at these 5 questions above. Do you know the answers? Do you care enough to make the necessary changes so you can be relevant to your clients year-after-year? I hope so because I would love to hear your success story.

What have you done lately to be relevant to your customers and followers?

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