How to be Sure You Accomplish Your Goal

Why does committing to something you want make you more likely to accomplish it? I would say there are two main reasons:

  1. We can envision our goal so clearly we do anything we can to make it happen
  2. We have a need to belong and be accepted

Children often have to be bribed to complete the things we ask them to do: clean their room, take out the trash, feed the dog. If they have a goal that they see as valuable, then their own drive to complete it is more persuasive. My kids will spend a lot more time trying to reach an almost unattainable level in Paper Mario or Mario Cart then they will doing homework (sad but true).

So what is it that really helps us accomplish our goals when we cannot envision the big picture outcome and we already belong? Here are three things you can do right now to really be sure you get to the finish line with whatever endevour you take on.

Know the Outcome

Maybe you don’t have a clear vision as to what your idea will actually bring to your business or your life. You need to start by defining exactly what that is. Look for these types of results:

  • Who are you helping (who will be affected)?
  • What will it look like (if it is a physical item, draw it – if it is a virtual item, describe the details of its existence)?
  • What can you charge for it (if it is a product or service)
  • What will it cost you in time and dollars?
  • Who will buy it?
  • When will it be ready?
  • What will be your reward from doing this?
  • How will your life (and that of your partner/family) be affected by it?

Answer your own questions to create a big, compelling vision of this amazing goal.

Declare your Intentions

Businessman Speaking Through Megaphone

Once you know what you want to do you need to tell people. We are often too afraid to tell someone about a big goal because if we don’t accomplish it we feel like failures. It is important to know that it is rare that, as humans, we create our lives, one goal at a time, by implementing an idea and getting the exact result we anticipate. Failure is the way we measure success. The key here is that when you tell enough people that you are going to do ‘X’, there will be an anticipation of you being successful. Guess what happens? As you implement your plan and notice that things are not going to work the way you anticipate you will be more likely to take action early to re-adjust your coarse and get it right.

Have an Accountability Partner

Telling a lot of people makes it real for you, but having someone that will check in with you and ask you regularly how your goal is proceeding is even more powerful. Find someone that will understand the goal and its impact, someone that can ask the right questions.

I have found over and over again that when I offer something that has no follow up, my clients are less likely to do the work. When they have to check in with me, report on their progress, and continue to identify next steps and actions they are more likely to finish what they envisioned or they create something that will work better and do that instead. It gets done.

If you are thinking of writing a book, starting a business, building a new product or service into your existing business, or looking at doubling or tripling your business size (or more), then envision a real outcome, declare your intentions, and invite or hire someone to hold you accountable and you too will get it done too.

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