Grow Yourself to Grow Your Business – 10 Ways to Grow

Grow Yourself to Grow Your Business – 10 Ways to Grow

It is impossible to grow a business without change and it is impossible to change if you are not growing and stretching yourself to become something bigger and better. To keep reaching, implementing, and finding new things to create you need to be actively growing. Here are 10 ways to stretch yourself and ultimately create a bigger business.

1. Join a Mastermind Group

Weather it is a paid group or a free gathering, surrounding yourself with people that will force you to think differently and come up with new solutions to your issues will help you look at your business differently.

2. Apply for an Award

There are likely several awards in your community, like “Business of the Year” through your local Chamber of Commerce. Don’t worry if you don’t get the award or even become a finalist, applying for the award will challenge you to look at your business differently and start taking inventory of what is expected from a great business that could win.

3. Commit to Creating Something New

If you were to release a new product or plan an event you will have to do some new work that will accelerate your growth. The key is to announce the launch or dates of the event so you will be force to stay committed to seeing it through.

4. Hire a Coach

Nothing gets me more motivated and in action than working with another person that is totally committed to seeing me succeed and able to give their time to help me get there. I have done more for myself and my business in the last year because of this high-end relationship than did the 2 years previous. Don’t just invest time in your growth, put your money where you can best be supported by a mentor that can see the things for you that you cannot see for yourself.

5. Commit to Starting on Your Biggest Long-term Goal

Perhaps you have wanted to purchase property for your business, or lease your location. Maybe you want to have an international team or write a book. Whatever your long-term goal is, make a starting commitment to creating it in your life. Remember to use SMARTAR goal setting to create this goal and also know that this does not have to be the start of a huge commitment of time right now, just commit to starting.

6. Host a Presentation

Get in front of your potential clients, your customers, your peers, and your community. It’s time to be seen or heard. Host a teleseminar, set up a “” meeting, deliver a webinar, or offer to present a talk for your clients or your clients’ customers. The best way to get started is to book a venue and pay for it. You will be motivated to make it happen.

7. Create a 1-day Event

Offering your clients or prospects the opportunity to spend an entire day with you is ambitious and it will really stretch you. You don’t have to do all the content delivery; invite other experts to share the room with you.

8. Invest in a New Marketing Stream

I often teach about the 12+ Marketing Channels and recommend my clients identify several channels for their business and start by working on 2 or 3. Now that you have them down pat, it is time to add to your marketing locations. Maybe add a brochure, attend a conference, create a speaking series, host a radio show, create a cable TV show… Do something new to reach your customers.

9. Connect with Someone You Admire

Have you always wanted to meet The Mayor, connect with the Dean of the local University, have lunch with the Chair for your local Board of Trade? Don’t wait. If these are the circles of people that will help you reach up and do bigger things then find a way to be a part of what they do and introduce yourself. Look for events that they will be attending and arrange to go or if you know someone that knows them, take them both out to lunch. If you want to be remembered then offer to do something for them long before you ask for something from them.

10. Get a Speaking Date Set

Even if you feel you are not ready to speak in public I want you to know that speaking is a very effective way to build credibility with your prospects. Contact local groups, like the Rotarians, schools, associations, or businesses that do ‘lunch and learns’. Get on their calendar to bring your expertise to their room.

Leap into growth, the way a child runs forward into life. You will grow and you will likely do better than you expect.



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