5 Things You Can Do Right Now To Generate More Income

5 Things You Can Do Right Now To Generate More Income

There is a “catch 22” in business around generating income and investing in activities that generate income. I often hear, “Yes I really need to do that [to make more money]” and then in the next breath, “but I cannot afford it until I get more clients”. If you cannot afford to invest in your growth until you have more growth you will always be stuck. So, I thought I would give you 5 ways you can make more money right now. With this money you can invest in more marketing, a business coach, a business development consultant, a VA or whatever it is you need to generate more income down the road.

1. Look at Past Clients Businesswoman standing on a ladder looking through binoculars

Clients that already know, like, and trust you, customers that have purchased your products before and are still raving about their experience, and people that tell others how much they loved your service – these are the easiest people to sell to again. I want you to go back through your past clients list and contact them with an offer to purchase from you again. Create something for them that will excite them to come and do more business with you. Loyal customers deserve loyalty so give them a deal, throw in something of value that says “I love working with you”.

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Big Sale sign in red over white background2. Have a Sale

Put one of your products on sale and then market it. Let all your referral partners know. Post it to your LinkedIn groups. Share it with your Facebook Groups. Do some networking over the next two weeks and invite people to get the deal or share it. Put it on your website, blog about it, Tweet and post. Let everyone know you have a sale.

Here’s my sale if you want to see what you can do. I took a physical business growth training product and put the same product on sale, except it is for download only. Same great results for my clients but no extra cost to me except the time it took to set up the shopping cart and update the sales page. You can do this too!

3. Look Through Your LHF List

Your Low Hanging Fruit (LHF) list is a list of all the people that have connected with you in the past but have not yet purchased from you. Reach out to everyone on your newsletter list or anyone that has come to a free call, or an event hosted by you. Invite them to work with you and give them an incentive to take action.

4. Host a Live Event

It doesn’t have to be big and it doesn’t have to be perfect it just has to happen. Invite people to a live event either in person, on a webinar, or teleconference call. Give them great value and offer them something to purchase. You can do this with as little as two weeks’ notice and then market it using some or all the suggestions from point #2.

5. Get On The PhoneChild handing over the telephone

This is the most hated way to get more money but it is still the most effective and it is sales after all. You need to reach out to all the people that have said maybe or yes before and get them signed up. Once you get the direct sales aspect of closing a sale down all other marketing language will more easily lead into this sales invitation. Learn how to do calls and do them every day.

Ask yourself this question every morning – “What am I doing today to generate more income in my business?” If you answered “nothing” then you need to make some changes on your ‘to do’ list, then you can invest in making bigger changes. Start by investing some of your time every day in sales and getting more clients. That’s EVERYDAY!

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