2012 revisit to ‘SMARTAR’ Goals

Last year in December 2010 I found a book I had started with my goals for 2009. I had since transferred that information to a bound book and then had forgotten about this notepad. What I found then was that my 2009 goals were still the same, but the time line for some has come and past. Sometimes we have to stumble on your intentions to take note of them. That is when I set my new goals for 2011.

Now I am setting my 2012 goals, but first I’m starting with an accomplishment list from 2011 and I want this for you. I want you to take inventory of not only the goals that you met, but all the things you accomplished over the year. It is always surprising to me when I review my daily accomplishment journal to see all the successes, completed tasks, and new implementations that I’ve been able to achieve. Many of them are only stepping stones to a single goal but are huge accomplishments in themselves.

Daily Accomplishments Journal exampleIf you do not already keep a daily accomplishment journal then start one. Here is an example of what I use. My mentor Fabienne Fredrickson suggested writing down 5 accomplishments each day. You can start with the numbers down the side of each page to capture these items. This should be easily completed daily, but if it is a slow day then, as a last resort, I suggest writing the steps of an accomplishment as its own accomplishment. You should always have at least 5 accomplishments on this page.

I also have added five things to the top of my list to check off as I go through my day (or at the end of my day) as things that I want to accomplish every day. Drinking water, eating well, and exercise is important to my health. Talking with potential clients, mentors or peers is important to my business growth and constantly learning is important to my personal growth. All of these are important to my ability to do my business and live a happy life. By the end of the day I like to see at least 8 checks beside the water and 2 beside the salad. Set your own important daily task check list. Don’t make it too long or too difficult. It should be something that you need to accomplish every day.

Take a look back at my past two blog posts from 2010 on ‘SMARTAR’ goals to help you prepare for 2012

What is your biggest goal for 2012 and what are your quarterly, monthly, weekly, and daily steps you are going to take to make it happen?

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