Revisit to ‘SMARTAR’ Goals

Revisit to ‘SMARTAR’ Goals

Days of 2011
What will you be working on each day to reach your goals?

Yesterday morning I found a book I had started with my goals for 2009. I had since transferred that information to a bound book and had forgotten about this notepad like record. What I found were my for 2009 goals are still the same, but the time line for some has come and past. With the changes in my business focus and the creation of my new company, some goals will need to be redefined and new deadlines set.

After our expert call with Lora Colautti yesterday I found myself itching to revisit my goals. Starting with these goals will help me also review what I have already accomplished and what I will need to do to add my new business in to the action steps.

Goal Page: for individual goals

What makes these goals unique and compelling is the way I have them written. Here is my personal goal declaration template or goal page.

  • Write each Goal on a separate page.
  • Give each goal a title
  • Describe the goal in a paragraph add the benefits you will receive by achieving this goal.
  • List steps that would need to take place, costs, or interim goals that would be achieved.
    • Be specific using time-bound and measurable details to describe your goal.
    • If losing weight is one goal, then list how much would need to be lost per month to meet your overall goal.
    • If creating wealth is a goal, list the avenues where you plan to get income or profit from. Under each item you could add smaller details of short term steps for each. E.g. two income streams might be: 1. Contract work 2. More members to an online website. Under contract work you might put – two new contracts per month – under new members you might put – 10 new members per month. You can also list the value / month of achieving each of these goals.
  • Now answer this question, “How will achieving this goal affect your life?” It may be more time with your spouse, more opportunity to travel, more clients, a bigger business, more hours or pay for your employees, more employees, a bigger market, a bigger home – what ever it is, tie it to your emotional benefit so you will have buy-in to achieve it.

I’ve decided to refer to my goal action steps as my “Success Plan” instead of business plan. My success relies on me believing before achieving – and so does yours. To accomplish your goals start by making them believable and put your plan into action today.

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