Why You Can’t Do What They do!

Why You Can’t Do What They do!

There is a misconception that we are all capable of mastering the same skills to the same degree as other people have. Maybe; but do you really have the time to be an expert at your skills and then learn and master someone else’ skills?

Recently I was introduced to the idea that we all have our own natural marketing styles. I have spent several years learning marketing styles from a couple different masters that did not come easily to me. Valuable learning, but it took a long time. When I stumbled on a solution that did not require me to book 2-day events, host people in hotels, manage meals and guest speakers, etc. I was so relieved. I am attracting and  converting more people when my invitations are for small, intimate, and personable events.

If you want to fast-track your learning, find someone that is like you and learn from them. This way the marketing style will more easily fit and feel comfortable. Another solutions is to check out Beth Grant and her ‘Marketing Archetypes’. Being yourself will definitely feel less like an uphill battle.

P.S. This does not mean you don’t have to learn how to sell, make calls, ask for the sale, or be seen in public (maybe even speaking). As my friend Patti Pokorchak would say, “If you can’t sell your service or product then how do you expect someone else to?” You still have to know things outside your mastery.


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